Staff Directory

WSKG Main Number: 607-729-0100

Brian Sickora, WSKG President & CEO


Caroline Basso, Director of Development & Marketing, x361
Carol Young, Director of Leadership Giving, x322
Joshua B Ludzki, Manager of Marketing and Promotions, x399
Michael Grasso, Coordinator of Arts & Culture Outreach, x307
Chris DiRienzo, Planned Gifts Officer, x385


Gregory Keeler, Membership Manager, x311
John Vasisko, Member Services Specialist, x379

Public Relations & Press Contact

Caroline Basso, Director of Development, x361

Corporate Sponsorship

Vickie Conklin, Underwriting Account Executive, x347
Rebecca Potter, Underwriting Account Executive, x382
Michael Grasso, Manager of Corporate Sponsorship, x307


Teresa Peltier, Manager of Digital Content & Strategy Development, x377

Youth Focused

Jackie Stapleton, Director of Youth Focused Content Development, Programming & Services, x369
Nancy Coddington, Community Outreach Coordinator, x342
Annie Cartie, Youth Media Coordinator, x318

Community Engagement & Volunteers

Erik Jensen, Community Engagement Director, x319


Judy Ghosin, Director of Finance & Business Operations
Bob Laubisch, Building Services Coordinator, x314
Mary Ashley, Building Services Assistant, x366
Stephen Jackson, Receptionist, x0

Finance & Business Operations

Judy Ghosin, Director of Finance & Business Operations
Shirley Munson, Senior Finance Associate, x305

Human Resources

Rebecca Vytlacil, Human Resources Manager, x373


Charles Compton, Director of News & Public Affairs Content Development and Radio Operations & Programming, x339
Bill Snyder, Classical Music Director, x380
Matt Richmond, News Director, x381
Crystal Sarakas, Radio Host/Producer
Sarah Gager, Radio Host/Producer, x410
Sam Goodyear, Radio Host/Producer, x414
Monica Sandreczki, Morning Edition host/reporter, x349
Matt Martin, reporter, x337


Brian Frey, Television Broadcast Operations Director
Christine Lantz, Broadcast Operations Assistant
Stacey Mosteller, Programming & Traffic Manager
Jessica Payette, Broadcast Operations Assistant
Andrew Pioch, Associate Producer/Director
Tina Reinhard, Content & Production Coordinator
Chris Wurth, Traffic Operations Assistant

Engineering & Information Technology

Dave Fulton, Director of Engineering, Information Technology & Broadcast Operations
Barb Snyder, Broadcast Engineerr
Eric Adler, Broadcast Engineer