Best of the Joy of Painting
Tue, 06/04/2013 - 12:30pm

Bob Ross teams up with Mother Nature to paint an awesome sky hovering over snow-covered mountains.

Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen
Mon, 06/03/2013 - 1:30pm

Keep your leis on and your coals going for the tropical feast in this special night school edition of BBQ U begins with a Tuna "London Broil" prepared with a sesame-pepper-wasabi crust, served with a wasabi cream sauce and grilled baby pineapples. A succulent traditional rotisseried Honey Lime Huli Huli Chicken follows, and Steven wraps up his dissertation on Hawaiian barbecue with Huli Huli Pineapple, a carved whole pineapple painted with a brown sugar glaze as it spit roasts over a bed of glowing coals.

Baking with Julia
Sun, 06/02/2013 - 7:30pm

Baking With Julia, hosted by the late culinary grande dame Julia Child, features the country’s outstanding pastry chefs, bakers, teachers and cookbook authors offering indispensable techniques, time-honored tips and meticulously tested recipes that make home baking successful and satisfying. Bakers demonstrate recipes for the extraordinary variety of breads now popular across the country and the greatest examples of America’s favorite course — dessert.

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 6:00pm

Your summer fruits and vegetables are growing beautifully.  P. Allen Smith, gardener extraordinaire, will show you how to take them fresh from the garden to your dinner table.  Your summer bounty will include: tomatoes, berries, salad greens and more.  Enjoy the goodness straight from your backyard.

Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen
Fri, 05/31/2013 - 1:30pm

The professor crisscrosses the Midwest for a collection of the region's best grilling recipes: Grilled Pitas grilled Red Pepper Dip he picked up in the Motor City; a spectacular Bratwurst "Hot Tub" - the tailgate classic from Sheboygan, Wisconsin; Mexican-style Grilled Corn from the Windy City and an all-new take on burgers - Veal Burgers with Dill from the Minnesota's Twin Cities.

America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated
Thu, 05/30/2013 - 8:30pm

Test cook Bridget Lancaster shows host Christopher Kimball how to make a Simple Grill-Roasted Turkey and serves it with Cranberry Chutney. Next, Chris reveals the Test Kitchen’s best tips for taking the temperature of a turkey. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for All Purpose Cleaners in the Equipment Corner.

Katie Brown Workshop
Wed, 05/29/2013 - 5:30pm

Thought frames were just for hanging artwork? Katie demonstrates simple and effective ways to frame food, crafts and garden projects. Recipes: tasty zucchini tart, planked fish, fruitopia dessert pizza that borders on the divine. Projects: magnetic frame board and ribbon flower frame.

Perfect Day
Tue, 05/28/2013 - 2:00pm

Amid the fjords and glacier at Lofoten, a string of islands stretching from the northwestern Norway into the Atlantic, adventurous Tina Nordström hikes a glacier and prepares a chilly apple sorbet and drink. Later she visits a longbow house and Viking museum where she cooks without the benefit of modern-day appliances. Recipes: Storm Soup – Potato and Onion Soup with Horseradish and Ham Breadsticks; Fire- Cooked Salmon on Birch Wood with Caper and Grape Salad; Baked Apples with Cardamom and Vodka Sorbet; Apple Sorbet on Black Ice.

Simply Ming
Mon, 05/27/2013 - 7:00pm

Buying local and buying fresh are key to great cooking. This week on Simply Ming, Chef Ming Tsai and longtime friend Boston Chef, Michael Schlow, go to Boston City Hall Plaza Farmer’s Market for a little inspiration and then head back to Chef Schlow’s restaurant, Tico, where they cook up two mouth-watering dishes: Red Tape Steak and a Double Lamb Chop with Pea Shoot-Beet Salad.

Rudy Maxa's World
Sun, 05/26/2013 - 11:00pm

For sheer tropical splendor, the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora stand alone. Hyper blue lagoons, white-sand beaches, fish of every shape, size and color, as well as a generous and welcoming people make these islands favorite destinations for travelers from around the world. Lush aerial photography is a highlight of this episode.

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