American Masters
Sat, 11/03/2012 - 3:30pm

Examine the life and work of poet and novelist Carl Sandburg, as well as the controversy surrounding him.

Fri, 11/02/2012 - 8:30pm

Discover an otherworldly place where archaeologists dig, women search for bones and astronomers scan the skies.

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 7:00pm

Host David Pogue is on a quest to clean up, using new green materials to build and power the devices of the future.

World Special
Wed, 10/31/2012 - 7:00pm

Four investigative reports, shot on location in Greece, Brussels, California and Washington DC, highlight this in depth examination of Europe’s current debt crisis and its connection to the U.S. economy.  

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 7:00pm

The Australian outback is the driest place on the driest inhabited continent on the planet. It is a place you might expect to see kangaroos but certainly not waterbirds. Yet once every ten years, rains flood into dried-up river beds and head inland to create the largest lake in Australia, and 100,000 pelicans -- a third of all the pelicans in Australia -- arrive for the event. 

World Special
Mon, 10/29/2012 - 9:00pm

The story of Ernest Hemingway's 30-year love affair with the West Indies republic is recounted in HEMINGWAY IN CUBA. Cuba captured Ernest Hemingway's fertile imagination and inspired him to create now-legendary fictional characters: Harry Morgan of To Have and Have Not, Thomas Hudson of Islands in the Stream and Santiago of The Old Man and the Sea.

World Special
Sun, 10/28/2012 - 6:00pm

A week of music camp spent with blind New Orleans piano master Henry Butler (pictured) impacts the lives of a group of visually challenged young adults in the moving public television documentary THE MUSIC'S GONNA GET YOU THROUGH.

World Special
Fri, 10/26/2012 - 7:00pm

Hosted and narrated by Lisa Kudrow, Arts & the Mind makes the point that art is not a “luxury,” but central to the development of the human brain in youth and keeping our minds sharp as we get older. 

Voces On PBS
Thu, 10/25/2012 - 7:00pm

When Lemon Andersen held a Tony Award in his hands for his work in Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, it was close to a miracle. This poet/performer was a three-time felon who’d achieved more than anyone could have ever imagined. 

Voces On PBS
Wed, 10/24/2012 - 7:00pm

In 1961, in the heady first days of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro asked three visionary architects to build the Cuban National Arts Schools on what had been the golf course of a country club. 

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