Sun, 02/26/2012 - 9:00pm

This documentary look at Alaska's 1955-56 Constitutional Convention examines the issues that drove the state's journey to statehood. Included: archival footage from the meeting in Fairbanks; and comments from historians, delegates and citizens.

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 7:00pm

The underwater world of whales and dolphins is explored. Included: the diet of the whale, Earth's largest animal; the human-like qualities of dolphins and whales (dolphins, for example, are believed to have names); their reliance on sound underwater.

American Masters
Sat, 02/25/2012 - 10:00pm

A stirring profile of the great Sam Cooke (1931-64), who helped invent and popularize soul music with such classics as "You Send Me" (1957), "Chain Gang" (1960) and "A Change Is Gonna Come" (1962). It features a wealth of archival footage.

American Experience
Fri, 02/24/2012 - 7:00pm

Part 1 of a two-part profile of former president Bill Clinton charts his path from Hope, Ark., to Washington, D.C., ending midway through his first term when the GOP, led by Newt Gingrich, took control of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Thu, 02/23/2012 - 7:00pm

An examination of the impact volcanic eruptions have played in the formation of the New Mexican landscape. Also: when the next volcanic eruption may occur.

Independent Lens
Wed, 02/22/2012 - 8:00pm

In "More Than a Month," black filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman campaigns to end Black History Month. The effort takes him to Harvard, where he helps with a study on the psychological impact of Black History Month on blacks and whites.

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 9:00pm

Examining the diversity of Himalayan habitats and wildlife, including snow leopards, red pandas, Asiatic black bears, musk deer, snub-nosed monkeys, Tibetan foxes and high-flying birds. Included: how eagles and wolves rely on teamwork to survive.

The Kalb Report
Sun, 02/19/2012 - 7:00pm

Presidential debates are discussed with Bob Schieffer (CBS News); reporter Sander Vanocur, who was a questioner at the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debates; Judy Woodruff (PBS NewsHour); and Mike McCurry and Janet Brown of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Need to Know
Sat, 02/18/2012 - 9:00pm

An examination of why so many Americans need food stamps. Included: an interview with Ramesh Ponnuru (National Review), who's critical of the food stamp program. Also: a Jeff Greenfield essay on poverty in the U.S. Greenfield anchors.

Basic Black
Fri, 02/17/2012 - 7:30pm

This week on "Basic Black": in the middle of Black History Month, we ask the question posed by the provocative new film premiering February 16 on PBS’ Independent Lens series: Is Black History Month still necessary? The film More Than A Month is a chronicle of filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman’s one-man quest to end Black History Month.  (WORLD will broadcast More Than a Month on Wednesday, February 22.)

Our panel this week: Callie Crossley, Host and Executive Editor, WGBH Radio;  Kim McLarin, Assistant Professor of Writing, Literature and Publishing, Emerson College;  Peniel Joseph, Professor of History, Tufts University, and Omar Wasow, Co-Founder of Black Planet and contributor to The

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