New York Originals
Thu, 09/04/2014 - 10:00pm

Featured on this program: Sutton’s Clock; Tisch & Snooky’s Manic Panic; Tiny Dollhouse; Michael Davis Glass

The Emmy award winning series profiles the city's classic shops and mom and pop's. Not just a series about New York City, but also a look as some of the most unique small businesses in America. Included in this season are two sisters who started a cosmetic empire on Saint Mark's Place, helping usher in the punk rock era - while also performing as backup singers for the original lineup of the iconic band Blondie. A small workshop in Brooklyn which is now the only company making cooper cookware in America. A steakhouse so steeped in history just look at some of the names connected with it: Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Teddy Roosevelt and lest we forget…Chuck Norris.

Operation Maneater
Wed, 09/03/2014 - 10:00pm

Mark Evans travels to the shores of Canada’s Hudson Bay, where polar bears are causing havoc in isolated communities. He arrives in the town of Churchill hours after an attack has left two people seriously injured and a bear dead. He joins the Polar Bear Alert team as they transport a captured bear by helicopter to a release site outside town. In the Inuit town of Arviat, Evans works with wildlife officers to test an aerial drone early warning system, a military grade ultra-loud speaker to deter bears, and a controversial experiment to place meat out on the tundra to keep bears away from town.

WSKG TV has a NEW FALL KIDS LINEUP beginning September 1st!

The programs in bold letters are changes and include a special half hour Sesame Street program that airs weekdays at 2pm


6am     Caillou
6:30    Arthur

7am     Wild Kratts
7:30     Wild Kratts
8:00     Curious George
8:30     Curious George
9:00    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
9:30    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

10am   Sesame Street
11am   Dinosaur Train
11:30  Dinosaur Train

Noon    Peg + Cat
12:30  Peg + Cat

1pm     Super Why!
1:30     Thomas and Friends
2pm     Sesame Street
2:30     The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That
3pm     Curious George
3:30     Martha Speaks
4pm     Arthur
4:30     WordGirl
5pm     Wild Kratts
5:30    Monday to Thursday - Homework Hotline
5:30    Friday - Cyberchase

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 9:00pm

To some an icon of resistance and to others the very face of dictatorial oppression, Fidel Castro was one of the most provocative political figures of the 20th century.  THE FIDEL CASTRO TAPES chronicles how his drive and charisma catapulted him to power in Cuba and how he used these traits to maintain control of his country for nearly five decades and capture the attention of the world.

Instead of telling his story through interviews, the program relies solely on media reports, rare images and recordings to document Castro’s turbulent life. In addition, the program features footage obtained from several Cuban archives.

By using an “in the moment” style of storytelling, THE FIDEL CASTRO TAPES gives viewers a sense of being present during the most significant moments of Castro’s career — and gives remarkable insight into his personality.  The film details how Castro gained control of his island nation and  how he tried — and failed — to win the friendship of the United States, showing why relations with the U.S. deteriorated as it became obvious that many members of Castro’s ruling party were Communist.

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 10:00pm

From the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak, FRONTLINE follows health officials tracking the deadly disease and trying to stop its rampant spread. With special access to teams fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, the film shows how the outbreak is endangering health- care workers, overwhelming hospitals and getting worse. Also this hour, FRONTLINE investigates accounts that members of the Nigerian military have been committing atrocities in the fight against Boko Haram – the Islamist militants who kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls in April. Amid worldwide pressure to find the girls, FRONTLINE uncovers shocking videos showing arrests, torture and summary executions of alleged Boko Haram suspects.

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 10:00pm

An in-depth portrait of the world’s most famous woman by award winning producer/director Michael Waldman and bestselling royal writer Robert Hardman, Our Queen charts an extraordinary year in the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. With unique access to her family, to her staff, to her prime ministers and to her palaces during the triumphal Diamond Jubilee year, Our Queen is an enthralling study of the Sovereign today. A world leader since the age of 25, how does she retain her hold on the nation’s affections when political and social currents have transformed so much around her? How does she stay true to the past, yet adapt to the present? This fascinating, observational documentary series is a study of leadership, judgement and character, of spectacular pageantry but also of great warmth and poignancy as it shows what this truly modern monarch means to Britain and the world.

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 9:30pm

After 25 years of playing one of television’s greatest icons, David Suchet attempts to unravel the mysterious appeal of the great detective Hercule Poirot in the behind-the-scenes special, BEING POIROT. Hosted by Stanley Tucci, the two-hour special will explore the man behind this iconic character while he reveals what it has been like to play one of fiction’s most enduring and enigmatic creations. In this entertaining and revealing documentary, Suchet allows the camera crew to follow him as he prepares for the emotional final days of filming on set.

Sun, 08/31/2014 - 8:00pm

Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or MI6 as it is known, is the world’s most legendary spy agency, thanks to the James Bond stories. Set up in 1909 as the Secret Service Bureau, the existence of MI6 was not formally acknowledged until 1994 — which goes a long way toward understanding the modus operandi of this government agency. Initially, the bureau was set up to control secret intelligence operations overseas, particularly concentrating on Imperial Germany’s activities. With unprecedented access to some of the key players in British espionage, this film lifts the veil on the shadowy world of spying, going back in time and behind the scenes to look at some the world’s most calculated and delicately executed operations.

American Masters
Fri, 08/29/2014 - 9:00pm

Explore, through Lange’s granddaughter’s eyes, the life story of the influential “Migrant Mother” photographer. Never-before-seen photos and film footage, family memories and new interviews reveal the artist who challenged America to know itself.

Operation Maneater
Wed, 08/27/2014 - 10:00pm

Mark Evans travels to Western Australia, where seven people have been killed by sharks in the last three years. Authorities have implemented radical measures to catch and kill any shark they deem a threat. Evans wants to find non-lethal solutions to keep people — and sharks — safe. He enters the water to attach tracking tags to great whites; joins beach patrol teams searching for sharks; and tests a new “multi-spectral” camera that spots sharks from the air even when they are hidden several meters underwater.

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