Adult Education

WSKG offers a variety of on-air and online resources for Adult Education. Tune in for GED Connection Saturdays at 6:00am on WSKG TV, and check out our list of online resources below.

Starting 10/1/13, WSKG TV will be airing GED Connection Mondays-Saturdays at 6:00am.

Second Chance Diploma: Examining the GED Tuesday, September 24 at 1pm and 7pm
39 million adults in the U.S. don't have a high school diploma.  Many hope their ticket to a better job is passing the GED test.  But critics say the test is too easy and hardly the equivalent of a high school education.  This program documents how the GED -originally designed to help WWII veterans go to college- became the fallback option for millions of high school droputs.  Stated must replace the GED with a new test in January 2014, so measuring high school equivalency is up for debate.

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Series Programs Include:

  • GED Connections
  • Pre-GED Connections
  • Workplace Essential Skills
  • TV 411
  • Lifelines
  • Madison Heights
  • Crossroads Cafe
  • On Common Ground

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Workplace Essential Skills teaches not just the skills but also the attitude necessary to succeed at work.  Reading, writing, math, communication and problem solving are presented in workplace contexts.  Learners see how to prepare resumes and applications as well as how to prepare...
TV411 teaches life skills in a manageable, lively format. The series focues on parenting, money matters and health. Subjects include reading comprehension, research techniques, writing to others, filling out forms, calculating percentages, using fractions, test-taking and more.
PBS LiteracyLink is a public broadcasting initiative that links underserved and hard-to-reach adults and their teachers to exciting new learning tools.  LiteracyLink's mission is to provide quality adult basic education that is exciting, relevant, accessible and flexible. ...
GED Connection airs Saturdays at 6:00am on WSKG TV. It is a dynamic multimedia instructional package that prepares learners for the new GED exam and for the world beyond.  It creatively combines video, workbooks and the Internet. GED Connection combines interviews with experts, learners,...