Arts Inspiring Fitness

Working on Wellness, WSKG's health and wellness initiative, partnered with United Health Services and Johnny Only to highlight the importance of health and wellness messaging with children. Through creative outlets, students were challenged to create music and visual arts depicting their own health messages.

This model can be recreated at your school or after-school program. Inspire your kids to create a health and wellness talent show at your school.

Art for the Heart

Kids were asked to submit drawings on an 8.5”-11” paper showing the different value of exercising and healthy eating. The winning artwork was displayed on billboards across WSKG's coverage area.

Students were asked to incorporate a healthy message into their drawing, which could be one already made popular like “60 Minutes of Play a Day” or something from their own wild imaginations.

Some examples of drawings that were submitted:







Songwriting Contest

WSKG and Johnny Only, local songwriter and singer/musician of children's songs, held a songwriting contest. The song contest focused on health, exercise and wellness.

The students were given the opportunity to re-write the lyrics of existing songs or to come up with their own original content.

Their only true parameter is staying fitness oriented! The songs should emphasize a nutritional or exercise idea, but they can use their imaginations on how they want to get that message across.

The songwriting contest can be done with the whole class or optional as groups. Both ways are shown in the selected videos below:

- Contestant Winners

Running These Yourself

These activities get kids thinking about wellness and an opportunity to be creative! These can be run as school-wide, within a grade, exclusively in the classroom, or as part of an after-school activity.

Another aspect is that the kids involved had the opportunity to have their work displayed.  This could be done in multiple ways including displaying in the classroom/hallways or a performance set-up where friends and family are invited.

This program is centered on getting kids to work together or individually on their projects using either art or music to get across different wellness ideas. Fitness and artistic programming are constantly at danger of not being involved in children’s lives but both are essential to their mental and physical health.

These resources are a way to get started on educating them on wellness and can be a source of inspiration:

        Let's Move!

        My Plate

        Government Kids Health

        NFL Rush for Kids

        President's Council on Wellness

        Presidential Youth Fitness


        Quick Health Reference Sheet