Binghamton's Go Green Institute

Binghamton University hosts the Go Green Institute which offers a fun and safe way for students to explore science, technology, engineering and math.  Students attend the two week institute preparing them for advanced science concepts and increasing their awareness in the sciences by going on field trips, interacting with University staff and working with mentors on a final project

WSKG caught up with five groups of students at the Institute. First, join Lily, Sara, Dylan and Tobey as they explore if aerodynamics affect a vehicle's fuel economy. Next, check out Chris, Zach, Sydney and Megan as they explore recycling technology and computer monitors. Follow up with Hannah, Arthur, Sam and Joshua and their project on what can be done to recycle iPod packaging. Afterwards, Viktoria and Carley explore how laundry, water use and energy consumption affect the environment. Finally, Sam, Andew,Warren and Carly decide if solar heating is worth the investment.




Computer Monitors


iPod Packaging




Solar Heating