Early Childhood Literacy

The goal of WSKG's Ready to Learn Services is to strengthen early literacy skills and prepare children for success in school. We believe that anytime is learning time.

In collaboration with a variety of community partners, WSKG demonstrates the use of PBS' educationally sound children's programs and web resources as tools for learning in the home, classroom and day care settings. Children's programs are broadcast from 6:00am to 5:30pm every weekday on WSKG TV. Additional weekend programs are also broadcast. With colorful graphics, animated characters, and involving story lines, the shows are fun and engaging for children, and based on extensive research with input from educators. They incorporate tecnhiques proven to help kids learn to read, write, communicate and understand words.

Ready to Learn encourages adults to watch television and videos with children, to limit the amount of television and other "screen" use, to be more selective in guiding children's programming choices and to use related books and activites to reinforce the knowledge offered in educational children's TV programs.

In addition to TV programming and online resources, WSKG also offers parent & caregiver workshops as well as literacy themed outreach events. Since 2006, WSKG has hosted and/or participated in 72 literacy-themed events with over 14,800 visitors throughout our 21 county coverage area. In addition, hundreds of parents and caregivers have participated in our literacy workshops. For workshop and outreach information contact 607-729-0100 x369.