Move It!

Move It! is a WSKG orginal, award-winning children's program and is part of WSKG Public Media's Working on Wellness (WOW) initiative. This health and wellness series focuses on keeping families active, giving nutritional education and increasing self awareness.

The series is broken into three components. Move It! focuses on physical activity. Fuel It! explores all aspects of nutrition. Cool It! teaches kids self awareness through yoga and goal setting.

Join our two teams, the Blueberryanators and the Ripe Bananas, as they compete towards healthy goals and explore fit lifestyle choices!

Season 1
Season 2

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Move It! Season 1 originally aired in 2009/2010, and Move It! Season 2 originally aired in 2010/2011. Both can be seen on WSKG TV.
Find out which team will be crowned season two's champion in the season finale of Move It! Jonathan completes his mission at Jones Park. We're fueling it at Julia's house with a family dinner. Matthew investigates the importance of sleep...
We reveal Jacob's score from last time! And Jonathan heads out on an outdoor adventure challenge with wilderness experts. We have special guests from the Binghamton Senators for Fuel It!, exploring what's in various drinks. The Move It! kids...
Hang out with Jacob as he digs in at the Ithaca Children's Garden. Some Move It! cast members stop by the Whole in the Wall restaurant to Fuel It! with some foods they've never tried before. Finally, we Cool It! with a skit to help viewers...