Summer SciGirls Challenge

This past summer we asked kids ages 8-14 to share their inner scientist with us.  We challenged you to submit your science adventures using photographs and or videos along with a description.  We were very impressed with all of the entries, there are some very inquisitive SciGirls & SciBoys in our region who love to explore science, technology, engineering and math.  Drum roll please, here are the winning and honorable mention entries in no particular order. 

2013 SciGirls Summer Winners:

Congratulations to Nathan with his "Stream Monitering Project"


Nathan spent this past summer as a counselor in training with the Sciencenter in Ithaca.  As part of his summer adventures, Nathan participated in a citizen science stream monitering program with the Finger Lakes Institute.  Throughout the summer, he helped to moniter this stream by bio-indexing the critters found living in it.  The data collected was sent to scientists to determine the overrall health of the stream. Izzy and Jake really like how Nathan worked on this project throughout the summer- great job Nathan!

Watch Nathan's video:


Congratulations to Antoñio for sharing his "Citizen Science Stream Monitering" project.

Antoñio spent his summer volunteering as a Counselor in Training at the Sciencenter in Ithaca.  Antoñio collaborated on a project to monitor a nearby freshwater stream at Cascadilla Creek. He learned how to identify Benthic Macro invertebrates and how they are important to the health of a stream.   Some of the species he found included: mayflies, riffle beetles, scuds, and water pennies. Antoñio especially liked that his data was sent to real scientists at both the Community Science Institute and the Finger Lakes Institute.  This project taugh him how scientists collect, gather and conduct field research.  SciGirls' Izzy & Jake really like how Antoñio collected data for scientists to use- way to go Citizen Scientist!


Congratulations to Ritaj and Awab with their "Rainforest Diorama"

Ritaj and Awab were curious how their local backyard compared to the nature in a rainforest.  They investigated this by researching and creating a rainforest diorama.  This model helped them to understand the many different levels, habitats and animals found in the rainforest.  Ritaj and Awab learned about the importance of the water cycle, preservation of rare woods harvested from rainforests and the many different animals that live in this diverse habitat.  Izzy & Jake like how Ritaj and Awab worked hard to research and construct their diorama- nice work!



2012 SciGirls Summer Winners:

Congratulations to Helen & Patricia with their 'Deer Bone Discovery' entry.


Helen and Patricia found these bones in the woods near their home.  They collected them and then worked with a local expert to identify each of the bones.  The girls used their knowledge of horses to reconstruct the skelton.  Great Job!


Congratulations to Isabel & Gaby with their 'Retractable High Heel' entry.

Izzy and Gaby worked through the scientific process to create a retrackable high heel, what a super idea.  We can't wait for them to hit stores, awesome job!


Honorable Mentions:

Congratulations to Amelia with her 'Praying Mantis Adventures' entry.



Amelia learned about metamorphisis by raising Praying Mantis nymphs.   She used critical thinking skills to find new food sources for her nymphs to successfully raise them.  She especially enjoyed observing them up close using gloves. Good work Amelia! 


Congratulations to Julia who studied Monarch Butterflies for her

SciGirls entry.


Julie found her Monarch caterpillars on milkweed and even found a caterpillar  egg while searching for food for her hungry caterpillars.  She observed the caterpillars as they went through the stages of metamorphisis turning into chrysalis and then into butterflies.  Julia released the butterflies and hopes to learn more about tagging and monitering Monarch Butterflies in the future.  We love your curiousity Julia, keep up the great work.


Congratulations to all our SciGirls, keep on exploring the amazing world around us.  Check out what other SciGirls are doing around the country here.


The Girls in Science intiative is made possible by a grant from The Women's Fund of the Community Foundation for South Central New York.