Begin with a mammogram

Why do women avoid getting a mammogram, despite knowing it is the single most effective way to detect early tumors in the breast? Is it the time involved, the cost, or perhaps the fear of finding something and what that would mean? Early detection is the key to survival, and much is being done to make mammograms more accessible, affordable, and comfortable. Through interviews with area providers, this series takes a look at the recent advances in genetics, early detection methods, surgical options, chemotherapy and radiation, and patient services.

We discussed the advancements in treatments, surgical options, patient services, payment coverage and genetics and why a mammogram is the starting point in breast care. Hosted by WSKG's Kathleen Cook, with guests Susan Kost, Director of the Breast Care Center at Wilson Hospital in Binghamton NY; Erin Houghton, a genetic counselor with the Genetic Counseling Program at the Ferre Institute; and Bob Riter, Associate Director for Eductional Services with the Ithaca Breast Care Alliance (and a male breast cancer survivor).

Series produced by WSKG’s Kathleen Cook, with funding provided by a grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.