The Face of Homelessness

February 24, 2009


The mere mention of the homeless usually conjures up images of people living in cardboard boxes, or pushing a cart full of their belongings down a city street. But the issue of homelessness is not restricted only to the largest cities in our country – it’s an issue for many communities throughout the area.

What is the face of homelessness in our area? How many people in our communities are struggling to find the most elements of survival – shelter and food? What kind of resources are there for someone who may be faced with no place to call home? On our live program, we'll discuss these issues and answer your questions about the homelesness issue in our region.

Karen Foley, Runaway Youth and Homeless Coordinator of the Broome County Youth Bureau; John Ward, Director of the American Red Cross of Tompkins County Homeless Service Program; and Tim Grippen, Executive Director of Opportunities for Broome, Inc.