The Floods of 2011, Six Months Later

Teresa Peltier
March 13, 2012

Six months ago, the floodwaters still covered many parts of the Southern Tier. The record flooding affected thousands of people and homes. Six months later, many people are still not able to live in their homes – and some never will again. Others have started the process of rebuilding their lives, and everyone wants to know – what happens if – or even when - we have another flood?


Crystal Sarakas hosts this conversation about the flood recovery, mitigation strategies, and the floods' impact on mental health.


Open House For Flood-Impacted Residents: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 at the Binghamton University Events Center, 4 - 8 p.m. Experts will discuss refinancing, flood insurance, crisis counseling, building codes, mold/toxins/water issues, and more. Free admission, free parking.


For assistance with crisis counseling, call Project Renew at 607-595-9376.

Debbie Preston, Broome County Executive
Frank Evangelisti, Broome County Planner
Barry Macciocca, Hazard Mitigation Program Group Supervisor, FEMA
Monica Ford, Mitigation Specialist, FEMA,
Tat Bain, Project Renew
Jennifer Campbell-Smith