Healthy Communities

April 10, 2012

The way our communities are designed – especially our suburbs – has a huge effect on our health. Obesity, asthma, diabetes and heart-disease are all aggravated by the automobile-centric way we live our lives. Suburban isolation puts people in food deserts, and can play a role in depression and other mental health problems.

On this program, host Crystal Sarakas talks about the effect that the built environment has on our health. Guests include Dr. Richard Jackson, host of the four-part PBS series "Designing Healthy Communities."

You can watch "Designing Healthy Communities" on WSKG-TV on four consecutive Mondays, beginning on April 16th at 10 p.m.

Dr. Richard Jackson, Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA
Dr. Chris Ryan, Medical Director, Broome County Health Department
Dr. Michael Manville, Assistant Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University