For over 50 years, George F. Johnson had worked to build one of the largest and most successful manufacturing organizations in United States history, The Endicott Johnson Shoe Corporation. EJ Shoes, as it was known, was a mammoth operation, employing over 20,000 people, across nearly two dozen plants, in and around Binghamton, New York. Johnson's company produced more than 52 million pairs of shoes a year, nearly 30% of the shoes made in America at the time. But more importantly, EJ Shoes had become to many a shining example of how a company and its workers could transform the way American industry operated.

Johnson, a documentary film by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Brian Frey, tells the incredible story of George F. Johnson, one of the most successful and progressive industrialists in American history. Johnson chronicles the life and legacy of this uneducated shoemaker from New England, the community he built, and the night America turned it's eyes to the town that made shoes.

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