Sun, 08/26/2012 - 10:30pm

From the rooftop farms of New York City to the food deserts of Detroit, join FOOD FORWARD to explore the explosion of urban agriculture across America. Meet food rebel John Mooney, whose space-age hydroponic farm on top of a historic building in the West Village of Manhattan is a window into the future of rooftop farming. In Milwaukee, meet the biggest name in urban agriculture, Will Allen, who inspires a new generation of aquaponic innovators. Learn about one woman’s transition from hanging out to harvesting food on the streets of West Oakland. Finally, in Detroit, spend time with 18-year-old Travis Roberts, who grew up watching the city struggle with increasing urban blight. In trouble and more than 100 pounds overweight, he discovered the city’s urban agriculture movement and found a new purpose in life through urban chicken farming. He’s joined by a cast of powerful characters who are rebuilding their city, block by block.