Thu, 11/28/2013 - 9:00pm

The locals are rehearsing for their annual production of St George and the Dragon. They long to perform the play for their squire, but their letter to Sir Timothy in London has gone unanswered. Twister, meanwhile, is in Queenie's bad books. He's refusing to relinquish the role of St George to a younger man, and an exasperated Queenie has moved out of their cottage and set up home in the woods. Laura, meanwhile, has been called back to Lark Rise to help nurse her father, who is confined to bed with an injured back. Being back at home is unsettling for Laura - she's reminded of her humble beginnings, and worries that she is not worthy of the sophisticated Daniel. Pearl only exacerbates the problem by encouraging Daniel to play hard to get. Minnie, though, is thrilled at being allowed to deliver mail in Laura's absence.