Thu, 01/02/2014 - 9:00pm

When the local Lark Rise gossip, Mrs Mullins, discovers her daughter, Emily, is pregnant, she jumps to the conclusion that Daniel is the father. Everyone rallies round to defend Daniel, even Robert and Emma, refusing to believe Mrs Mullins's accusations. Laura, too, is supportive and pleads with Emily to reveal the true identity of her baby's father. But Emily seems determined to keep the truth to herself, despite it fuelling the gossip about Daniel. Daniel is heartened by Laura's faith in him but, when she receives a mysterious letter, Laura becomes pre-occupied and distant, and he wonders if she has begun to doubt him. Meanwhile, at the post office, Dorcas is handing out bonuses to her staff. Minnie is delighted by her windfall and decides to offer the money to Alf, believing it will help to relieve his burdens. Instead, he angrily refuses her offer, his pride hurt.