Nina Matthews/Flickr

WSKG offers opera every Saturday afternoon at one o’clock, with the live Metropolitan Opera broadcast from December to May, and recorded performances the rest of the year by way of Lyric Opera of Chicago, L.A. Opera, and World of Opera. WSKG also offers All Things Considered every Saturday afternoon at five. Sandwiched in between the two programs is Saturday Afternoon Post-Op, a sort of musical moveable feast hosted by Sam Goodyear. “Moveable” because the length of each opera varies from week to week, allowing for perhaps only a smidgen of music, or maybe a sliver, sometimes a slice, and once in a while a whole slab, depending on the amount of time available.
The focus is classical selections by lesser-known composers and lesser-known works by the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Handel, Beethoven, Bach, et al. Join us post opera!