Agnes: The Flood of '72

Agnes: The Flood of '72 - Premieres June 21, 2012 at 8:00pm

Thank you to all who joined us for our premiere screening events! See pictures from Corning on June 12th and Elmira on June 14th.


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About the Film

On June 19th, 1972, the first hurricane of the season, Agnes, crossed over the Florida Panhandle and quickly headed back out to sea. With sustained winds of just over 75 miles per hour, Agnes was considered a low level threat by most weather experts. They were wrong.

By June 22nd, the remnants of Agnes stalled over the northeastern United States, dumping up to 22 inches of rain in some areas, including the Elmira/Corning region of New York. The devastating flooding that followed would result in one of the worst natural disasters in the region’s history and change the landscape of the region forever.

Agnes is a one-hour documentary from award-winning filmmaker Brian Frey. Frey also produced JohnsonWatsonThe Flood of ’35, Link: The Quiet Genius, The Dusters and The Twilight Zone LIVE.

Utilizing archival photos and film footage, Agnes tells the incredible history of the region and the story of a natural disaster that forever altered the area's destiny.


Production Breakdown

The film is approximately 60 minutes in length and costs WSKG roughly $40,000 to produce. We plan to produce and premiere the film in June 2012, in conjunction with other activities scheduled to occur within the Corning/Elmira communities to recognize the 40 – year anniversary of the flood.

Producer/Director  -  $15,000
Original Music  -  $5,000
Professional Narration  -  $5,000
Photo/Video Licensing  -  $5,000
Travel/Research  -  $5,500
Tapes/Materials  -  $2,000
Promotions  -  $2,500

Total Estimated Cost  -  $40,000





For more information on supporting this WSKG Original Documentary, please contact Caroline Basso, or 607-729-0100 x361.