American Graduate Student Showcase May 2013

May 27 - May 31


Youth Voice: American Graduate Edition

WSKG Radio hosted American Graduate Week on May 27 to May 31, 2013.  Students' stories aired during Morning Edition at 7:30AM and All Things Considered at 5:30PM.  If you miss a story on-air, listen below or on our SoundCloud page.

"I am the youngest in my family, so I have watched my siblings struggle on their path to graduation, and I’ve seen someone I looked up to fall off the path."

- Tim of Binghamton, NY

"My dad and stepmom support me and want me to finish high school. They want me to go on in life and have a better life than them. I am going to a two-year college soon. When I am on my own at college, it’s going to be weird because I won’t be in a comfortable place any more."

- Shane of Binghamton, NY

"I see doctors, scientists, tech-teachers, artists, professors, lawyers, engineers, and veterinarians. When I see these people experimenting and exploring the world, it makes me want to learn and discover new things"

- Jarred of Ithaca, NY


"I was disgruntled and surprised when I heard my grandmother did not graduate from high school... I mean, how can I go fifteen years of my life and not know that my grandmother, who has been coaching me all these years, had not finished high school?"

- Aliyah of Binghamton, NY


"What I need from my environment is some peace and quiet sometimes so I can get my work done."

- Fancy of Ithaca, NY


"We make sure each other do the work and understand it. My friends and I also make sure that we all do our best in everything we do, from school to sports, doesn’t matter what it is… We support each other."

- Khiry of Ithaca, NY


"My school is not a dropout factory. I personally do not know anyone who has dropped out of school. My friends’ priority is to go to college, but my friends and I cannot graduate on our own— We need a support system. My support system is my mom."

- Quintel of Ithaca, NY


"The support I need is people staying up on me and making sure I am following through on becoming a graduate. I want people to do school visits and to come check up on my behavior and my grades."

- Rashid of Ithaca, NY


On May 16,2013, students, families, and partner organizations came together for an evening in recognition of their students' radio pieces!  Local American Graduate students shared their powerful words on achieving graduation and what a high school diploma means to them.  Guests were treated to a first-listen of radio stories written and recorded by middle and high school students from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Binghamton and the Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC).

The evening included student-led displays of the American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen initiative and a "how to" table of state-of-the-art recording equipment used by students.  Guests also enjoyed dinner and a tour of WSKG TV and Radio Studios.  See more photos from the evening here.


Learn more about our local project and hear more American Graduate stories from students in Broome and Tioga counties.


The WSKG American Graduate Project, funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is an initiative to raise awareness about the dropout crisis in our community by engaging a wide range of stakeholders in a dialogue and by mobilizing the community through a multimedia campaign to share resources, best practices, and stories of challenge and success.