Binghamton High School | Arts and Culture Stories | Youth Voice 2013

January 27 - January 31

For the second year, WSKG Youth Voice student-productions were shared with our community! Students' stories aired during Morning Edition at 7:30AM and All Things Considered at 5:30PM. All students' stories are available for listening below or on our SoundCloud page.


These radio stories were produced by students from Binghamton, NY and focus on Arts & Life reporting. Students explored art from an angle that is important to them: From photography to music, culinary to dance, psychological impact, history, and more!


Adia M

Alexis D

Alice G

Andrea H

Ariel E

Aydia B

Bonnie C

Carlos B

Chaz W

Ernesto M

Gabby S

*Hannah H: Aired Thursday, January 30

Ilda H

*Jah-Neece S: Aired Wednesday, January 29

Jaylin B

Josh R

Julie D

*Kaitlin T: Aired Tuesday, January 28

Katie J

Kimberly G

Lester L

Madison S

Maria G

Nafisah S

Nathan D

Nikkia T

Owen T

Rachel J

Rashell M

*Ruth C: Aired Monday, January 27

Salmah R

Sherline G

Stephanie J

*Stephen S: Aired Friday, January 30

Tatyana R

Tyler R


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