Cyberchase Season 9 Premiere

November 4 - November 6

3:00PM on WSKG-TV

Cyberchase enters its 9th season with brand new episodes!  Tapping into children's love of nature and concern for protecting the Earth, stories and activities focusing on math and the environment will send the CyberSquad --and you-- on epic new eco-adventures to tackle timely issues.  

The season's content will address STEM topics including keystone species, solar power, habitats, waste reduction, bar graphs, area, and more.


COMING SOON: A national Cyberchase game making challenge for schools and afterschool groups designed to spark children's creativity and inspire them to become real world game designers. Check back for details!


Image courtesy of THIRTEEN.


Cyberchase, the hit PBS KIDS GO! math series, relaunched an extensive multi-media math site for 8 to 11-year-olds featuring hundreds of videos, math games and hands-on activities in support of cross-platform STEM learning. Visit to learn more.