(do note this poem is printed in this months newsletter of MHAST...Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, they do alot of good for OUR community and myself, just thought I should plug them in because they have been printing my poems since last year, in fact they printed the first poem I wrote for the poetry class last year and I have been submitting poems ever since)
Forest green rapture
The great outdoors we inherit by natural law
The avenues are man made and can't be compared
to the Mother of all mothers
Her delicacy is our feast of existence
She is the humanitarian we can't live without
Seeing her abused and maltreated is inexplicable
The "leave no child" behind policy
is a blur in the face of her
How will our children further
when mother nature is utterly
being flustered by us
This is the catch 22 of mortals
in love and at war with creation
This is the inconvenient truths
bequeathed on the entire population
This is what computers cant do and what
the human family must do to help
This is our heavenly world
and everybody's business
There is only hell to pay
if we don't play closer attention