Allen Denny Smith, abstract painter

Premiere Air Date: 
February 24, 2013

Elmira, NY artist, Allen Denny Smith was given his first set of paints from his grandmother.  Today he listens to inspirational music while creating his great works of art with oil paints and watercolors. 

His Bonne Chance series was random and color choices were chosen by a coin toss.  This released him from the responsibility of color choice and allowed him the same sense of surprise that his audience experiences from his works.

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Web Extra: Advice on working with paints


For me, making art is a visceral experience and a meditation. Consciously deciding what the form will be, I allow my hand to follow a random path, periodically making judgments on formal content, movement, and line. In the end, the results are the routes of my synapses, evidential marks of my existence.