How to Read a Poem

You cannot read a poem until you have smelled it
Watered its billowing roots
Visited its Rome an and Greece and Spain
Cooked a spaghetti dinner beside it
Taken a hike in the countryside with it tucked inside a notebook
Fed it your secrets and deepest insecurity
Brought it to work and taped it to your desk
Let it steam in the shower
And rinse off with some Dial
Take it to a grocer and let it touch the artichokes
Buy it some Sketchers at Dick's
And accept that Sketchers aren't disgusting
Bring it a puppy on Valentine's Day
And don't return it on the fifteenth
Let it keep you up at night
And take the better side of the bed
The side with the window
Let it move in with you and fill your picture frames
Then, when it divorces you
You may read it.