How to Stretch a Tiny Bit of Chocolate

How to Stretch a Tiny Bit of Chocolate You Might Have in the House -

during the Depression,
or Colonial Days
or just before the food stamps come,
But not even enough to make them brown. 

Molasses helps with that, and so does the ‘jumble” of dark spices,
Again, the little bit you might have in the house of WHATEVER.

That is another thing about Jumbles,
You never know what this one is going to taste like.
And, mostly what it always tasted like to me,
Was that dribble of hard glaze.
And, what that tastes like is the Cream of Tartar in it …..ikhh.

Easy to eat, easy to carry outdoors;
A good way to meet all the old ladies who don’t have children in the house;
Something that can’t get stale since it was never soft; 
In truth it never claims to be a cookie, so perhaps I expect too much,
But at least I know,
They are not chocolate.