iBooks Hackathon 2013

July 15 - July 17

Join WSKG Education at Chenango Forks School District's iBooks Hackathon 2013.  This is a collaborative effort to create high quality, interactive, digital iPad friendly textbooks for teachers to adopt, remix, distribute, and transform the learning experience.

Chenango Forks High School
1 Gordon Dr Binghamton, NY 13901

• Certificates of completion available
• In-service credit/compensation based on home district policies
• 1 hour lunch (on your own)
• To register go to: Bit.ly/CFShare
• Registration due by July 1, 2013

Instructors: Keith Rosko & Cheri Panko

Conference Descriptor
Imagine if all of your classroom textbooks together weighed less than 2 pounds, contained interactive widgets and videos to support multiple modes of learning, gave learners immediate feedback on quizzes, and was easy to re-mix, personalize, and distribute to students. This isn’t 2050, this is now!

As classroom instructors, we see the incredible benefits of using interactive digital books to increase student learning and transform classroom time into one of a deeper application of content. However, it is quite a process to create this interactive content...unless we work together. Together we will be smarter, stronger.
The goal of this project is to collaborate with a team of passionate educators creating Common Core aligned interactive units. We are looking for educators that are willing to collaborate to create, curate and share quality interactive modules to remix, update, compile and distribute to students. Together we are smarter!