Ithaca High School | Public Affairs Stories | Youth Voice 2013

February 3 - February 7

For the second year, WSKG Youth Voice student-productions were shared with our community!  Students' stories aired during Morning Edition at 7:30AM and All Things Considered at 5:30PM.  All students' stories are available for listening below or on our SoundCloud page.


Aven A        Disciplining Student Athletes

Brian O       African Americans in Lacrosse

Elijah C      Decisions Decisions…

James E      Your Massive Internet Presence

Jamison N   Violence In Video Games

Joseph L     Human Space Exploration   (Aired Febuary 6, 2014)

Mike G       Aches & Pains of Student Athletes   (Aired Febuary 3, 2014)

Molly L       Dreams of Retirement   (Aired February 7, 2014)

Oliver W     The Competitive World of Film   (Aired Febuary 5, 2014)

Ploy C         Marijuana: To Tax or Not To Tax   (Aired Febuary 4, 2014)

Wade E       The Ever-Increasing College Tuition

Zodie W      From Kenya to Ithaca


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