Youth Voice on Community Conversation

December 18

Listen to Community Conversation Youth Voice Special from WSKG Radio to hear stories written and produced by our student reporters!

(Originally aired December 18, 2012 at 7:00PM)


Following each story, WSKG's Crystal Sarakas interviews the reporting student.  Find out what inspired these teens to produce their story and what they learned along the way - About themselves and about our community.

Student reporters tackle a variety of topics that are important to them, including vandalism, public saftey, sexuality, rising college costs, and domestic violence.  Students' stories feature community members from the Ithaca and Greater Binghamton regions, including Carole Coppens (Director of Binghamton YWCA), Jay Stooks (award-winning street artist), and Leighton Rogers (The CommuniKey company).  

The great diversity in their topics is a perfect representation of each student's individuality and the value behind their perspectives!


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