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Harper Collins Audio is releasing a vinyl edition of Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please. The publisher thinks the combination of old media plus the popular Poehler will attract a young audience.
Ethan Hawke plays an Air Force commander engaged in drone warfare in Andrew ...
Andrew Niccol's film follows an Air Force commander engaged in state-of-the-art drone warfare. Justin Chang says the movie feels more like "a series of talking points than a fully developed drama."
The former NBC anchorman says his multiple myeloma diagnosis two years ago made him "more conscious of the fact that the days are more numbered." Originally broadcast May 13, 2015.
Astronomer Chris Impey discusses the future of space travel, sex in space and the connection between science and Buddhism. Originally broadcast May 11, 2015.
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart about the By Popular Demand program, in which the audience helps pick the music the Pops plays.
Secretary of State John Kerry underscored U.S. concerns over China's claim to ownership of disputed islands in the South China Sea, an issue that has strained relations in the region.