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More than 350 towns and cities in Texas have banned new billboards, but bill...
Nearly 50 years ago, a fight between billboards and natural beauty played out on the national stage. Now the struggle has moved to the states — like Texas, where activists face off with corporations.
Loudon Wainwright III won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album i...
We invite the famed folk singer to answer three questions about other notable thirds: King Richard III, Albert Gore III and psychologist Russell D. Clark III.
Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news: The iCloud Springs a Leak; Waiting for Godot-Phone; Don't Lean on Me!
Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: Putin the Grouch.
Our panelists tell three stories about a particularly weird drug reaction, one of which is true.
Bill reads three news-related limericks: The Rambo Diet; State Fair Scandal; Phi Beta Geezer.