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Lamya Kaddor teaches Islamic studies in Germany. She's written a new book, Z...
A German-Syrian religious studies teacher was shocked when she heard that five of her former students had left Germany to join jihadist groups in Syria. "It felt like a personal defeat," she says.
Old tools on a wooden table...
Writer Nina MacLaughlin hit her low point producing a listicle of the world's 100 Unsexiest Men. Six years and a lucky Craigslist ad later, she's a carpenter and author of the new memoir Hammer Head.
Richard Price is also the author of, among others, Clockers, Freedomland and...
For his latest book, The Whites, novelist Richard Price decided to use a pen name. In retrospect, he wishes he hadn't.
Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news: To Bibi Or Not To Bibi, Schock & Awesome, We Shall Overcaffeinate.
Our panelists answer questions about the week's news: Black Hat Bourbon.
Our panelists tell three stories about continuing education for people who have no business continuing their education, only one of which is true.