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The court heard oral arguments on Wednesday in a case testing whether a staffing agency for Amazon can require employees to stay after work without pay while they wait to be searched for stolen goods.
An expensive delicacy among nuts, pine nuts are foraged — not farmed — from distant forests. In some places, the delicate ecosystems that produce the nuts are disappearing.
Melissa Block speaks with U.S. ambassador to Liberia Deborah Malac about the U.S. effort to combat Ebola in West Africa. Work has been slowed by difficult conditions and a shortage of trained workers.
Robert Siegel talks to Qari Mohammed Asim, Imam for the Makkah Mosque in Leeds, England, about why he's denounced ISIS and how's trying to convince young people to not join them.
FBI Director James Comey says new encryption features allow people "to place...
Apple says its new operating system for the iPhone features encryption so secure that not even Apple has the key to it. But the FBI warns that the software could limit its ability to fight crime.
Cindy Minnix waits for a bus in a flooded street on Oct. 18, 2012, in Miami ...
Flooding from extreme tidal swings was once just a rare nuisance for coastal cities. But rising sea levels have increased the frequency of these nuisance floods as much as tenfold since the 1960s.