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Fear of heights, fear of small spaces, fear of spiders: These phobias are relatively well-known. But some of our listeners have unusual fears — like Jupiter, basements and their own selves.
Shakespeare's Hamlet has been turned into a Bollywood film, but this time, the story is set in Indian-controlled Kashmir. NPR's Scott Simon talks to screenwriter Basharat Peer.
Maria Fabrizio for NPR...
In everyday medical care, the practice of reflection is too often overlooked. Remembrance is what makes us human. Keeping tabs on who has died over the years keeps one doctor humble.
Nuruddin Farah is the author of 11 novels, including Maps, Gifts and Secrets...
Farah's latest is called Hiding in Plain Sight. It's the story of Bella, a Somali photographer living in Rome who gets drawn into the lives of her niece and nephew after her half-brother is killed.
Shirley Parrello's son, Brian, died in Iraq almost ten years ago. Sgt. Kevin...
Lance Cpl. Brian Parrello was 19 when he was killed by an IED; he was the only member of his platoon who didn't come home from Iraq. Since then, his fellow Marines have grown close to his parents.
New York and New Jersey will require a 21-day quarantine for those who had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa. Some worry the rules could discourage health workers from volunteering.