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Alan Doan likes the fact that Missouri Star Quilt Co. is following in the fo...
After launching a quilt company as a desperation move, Jenny Doan and her two savvy kids have shaken up an ancient industry in downtown Hamilton, Mo., thanks in part to popular folksy video tutorials.
Rob Burnett started working with David Letterman as an intern in 1985. He talks with Terry Gross about the absurd and somber moments of his three-decade tenure with the Late Show.
Last night, after 33 years on TV as a late-night talk show host, David Letterman presented his final program. David Bianculli says Letterman's final show was a strong end to an illustrious career.
The nearly 300 people rescued last month from Boko Haram are in military custody. There are suspicions that some are working with the extremist group. Renee Montagne talks to the AP's Michelle Faul.
Steve Inskeep talks to retired Marine General Gregory Newbold about what the U.S. is doing right, or wrong, in its efforts to militarily contain the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS.
There were whispers of a pedophile ring at the highest levels of British government. Revelations suggest those rumors had substance and that a culture of deference helped hide child abuse for decades.