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A gunman, with apparent sympathies to radical Islamist groups in the Middle East, held 50 people hostage before being killed by a police SWAT team. Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Stuart Cohen.
Unidentified hackers have been releasing internal documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Renee Montagne talks to Kim Zetter, a senior staff reporter at Wired magazine, about the attack.
Over the weekend, a champion was crowned in the Middle East's version of American Idol. Syrians cheered as 21-year-old Hazem Sherif from the war-scarred city of Aleppo was announced the winner.
Officials in Pakistan say Taliban gunmen stormed a military school in the northwestern city of Peshawar. Steve Inskeep talks to Katherine Houreld, a reporter with Reuters.
German researchers purchased the robot named Athena, and found a passenger seat was cheaper than shipping her in a box.
A Brooklyn artist spread a photo of a tattooed dog on Instagram. Governor Andrew Cuomo says that is just animal abuse. The law goes into effect in 120 days.