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NPR's Kelly McEvers interviews MaryClaire Dale, an Associated Press reporter, about the court documents showing Cosby said in 2005 he got quaaludes to give to a woman with whom he wanted to have sex.
It turns out you are way more likely to have major complications, including death, at the hands of an unskilled surgeon than a specialist. Now three leading teaching hospitals are changing the rules.
In 2000 the world's leaders agreed on an ambitious plan for attacking global poverty by 2015. Called the Millennium Development Goals, these time-bound targets spurred an unprecedented aid effort that helped slash the share of people living in extreme poverty in half. Now nations are hammering out an even broader set of goals for 2030, but this time the task is proving highly controversial. The Millennium Development Goals were drafted in a highly casual way and that simple process proved the key to their success.
Jonathan Treviño poses in front of a drug bust....
How does a promising young cop go from town hero to drug trafficker? A former rogue officer details what lead him to the dark side in a region known for corruption.
Music critic Will Hermes went to one of the Grateful Dead's last shows that broke all kinds of records.
When it comes to American Revolutionary War history, we messed up and should be tarred and feathered. NPR's Robert Siegel and Kelly McEvers correct a mistake we should have caught on Friday's program: when the Revolutionary War actually ended.