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Residents in Buffalo, New York, are still dealing with the 6 feet of snow that has fallen so far this week. That includes football fans who hope to clear out their stadium before Sunday's game.
In the town of Hildesheim, video consoles are in place on on either side of road, allowing strangers to face off in a version of the classic arcade game Pong.
With Republican majorities in the House and Senate, Congress may push for change on several big education issues, including a rewrite of the law known as No Child Left Behind. But it's also clear that, even on classroom issues that seem to have bipartisan support — including Pre-K funding — Democrats and Republicans may have trouble compromising.
In a city of superlatives, New York City now has another notch in its belt — the largest billboard. It's hard to get anyone's attention in Times Square, but one billboard a city block long might just be able to do it.
The federal government has demanded that Takata and ten automakers expand their air bag recall. Until now, the recall has been limited to high humidity areas where they are most likely to fail.
The agency in charge of insuring private-sector pension plans is warning about big problems on the horizon. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation projects that several large multi-employer plans will become insolvent within the next decade.