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The World Bank funds projects around the globe aimed at alleviating poverty. Along the way, people get uprooted. The World Bank has acknowledged "serious shortcomings" in its resettlement practices.
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with former mayor of Baltimore, Kurt Schmoke about the strained relationship between city communities and the police, and looks back on his own efforts at urban renewal.
Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquaio Saturday in a unanimous decision in what was considered the highest-grossing boxing match in history.
Sunday Puzzle....
Each word provided is an anagram of something you might see in a kitchen. For example, "skin" is an anagram of "sink."
Uniformed police move wooden beams, stack broken bricks and sift through rui...
Many of Nepal's historic treasures crumbled in last week's earthquake. But generations of wood and stone carvers have spawned a tradition that all but guarantees that monuments will be revived.
Hospital staff members work at the reception area of a hospital in Kathmandu...
An estimated 14,000 people survived April's earthquake in Nepal with serious injuries. NPR's Rachel Martin gets a picture of medical conditions there from American E.R. doctor Bianca Grecu-Jacobs.