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Thousands of Iraqis fleeing Sunni extremists fled to the Kurdish city of Erb...
The Sunni town fought back when Sunni Muslim extremists from the Islamic State tried to impose their rule. The extremists leveled the town as a warning to Sunnis who won't accept their brutal rule.
Keller has done pretty well running a restaurant called The French Laundry, but how many clothes has he cleaned? We'll find out.
Bill Kurtis reads three quotes from the week's news: Minor Incursion, The Return of King James and Hole-ly Mystery!
Covert Salad Affairs.
More questions for the panel...Bag Dating; Frankenveggie; He Who Smelt It, Was Healthy.
Our panelists tell three stories about somebody with a terrible reputation finding redemption in an unlikely way, only one of which is true.