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An Eritrean refugee, who had made his way to Israel, spent time in a detention center and prison, but Israeli officials sent him back Africa. In Libya, he was killed by members of the Islamic State.
A bold statue has taken up residence in London's iconic Trafalgar Square — part of a public art project that's been going on for more than a decade. The skeletal horse replaces a giant blue rooster.
Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is a darling of conservatives. It started when he criticized President Obama's health care law and other policies at a Prayer Breakfast with the president just a few feet away.
Police in Phoenix say Alejandro Barraza was driving 131 miles per hour — fast enough to go to jail. As he was led away, police say Barraza said he felt lucky that he wasn't caught at 160.
Mark Herman, an employee at Arizona TV Station KOLD got a new job. He let everyone know he was leaving by bringing in a cake decorated with the resignation letter.
Comedian Aziz Ansari became a pioneer of emoji language use in 2011, when he...
There's a growing tendency to bring the tiny hieroglyphs off of phones, but not everyone is fluent. New takes on emoji integration suggest misunderstanding may be remedied with universal translation.