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Hector Tobar, a former journalist for the Los Angeles Times, spent three yea...
Hector Tobar had exclusive access to the 33 miners to report his new book detailing the claustrophobic horror they faced when they were trapped for 69 days in 2010. The result is a doozie.
Campaign finance rules allow some groups to not disclose their donors. The New York Times' Nick Confessore says there could be "influence peddling ... because we can't see the money changing hands."
President Obama is campaigning only where he can help — not hurt — Democratic candidates. That isn't very many places. But it does include some governor's races, like in Wisconsin.
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno announced that all soldiers going to the Ebola region in West Africa would go through three weeks of monitoring, even though the soldiers will not have had contact with patients. Secretary Chuck Hagel is now reviewing the policy.
Nigeria announced a cease-fire with extremists almost two weeks ago, but the killings, kidnappings and bombings have continued. Nigerians still await the freedom of the schoolgirls abducted in April.
Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, which will air its f...
Poehler joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross to talk about fighting the body image "demon," being a "world-class snooper" and how she was once told that she had a "great face for wigs."