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AOL's dial-up business has roughly 2 million subscribers. But years into the broadband age, many people still have their AOL accounts. What other subscriptions are they holding on to?
There are about 16 vinyl press plants still operating in the U.S. While there were about 9 million vinyl records sold in the U.S. overall last year — that's just a sliver of total album sales.
Facebook and several media companies have announced that news articles will now be published directly into users News Feeds. The articles will come from The New York Times, NBC News and others.
Montgomery County, Pa., subsidizes assisted living for about 20 older people. The Intelligencer in Doylestown reports the man man sold liquor to fellow residents and used the profit to pay for a date.
A Labrador Retriever named Saydee recently completed training, and now she's able to detect illegally caught fish. She made her for bust: 2 men in Bridgeport, Ct., had taken undersized striped bass.
A Pew survey shows the share of Christians in the U.S. is declining, and the number of adults who don't identify with organized religion is growing.