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A yoga studio in Illinois invited felines from a local no-kill shelter to show off their moves alongside the human yogis. The event raised more than $500 for the shelter.
Colt, a brand name Americans have known since 1855, is headed for bankruptcy. The company will keep operating as it sorts out its debts, but a big chunk of manufacturing history hangs in the balance.
The Colombian party band, Bomba Estereo, is out with their latest album, Amanecer. NPR reviewer Banning Eyre, senior editor at, says it offers a friendly entrée into the realm of electronic dance music with folk roots.
Monica Lewis, a singer and actress who was best known as the voice of a popular series of animated commercials for Chiquita bananas, died Friday at 93.
Chris Tremblay, a member of the Passive Acoustics group at NOAA's Northeast ...
Atlantic cod have become scarce along the coast, though catch limits have been reduced by 80 percent. Researchers are now tracking the sound of mating cod, hoping to help fishing boats avoid them.
"I mean, I had to fight my way to get into the room," presidential candidate Sanders said of a recent event in Minnesota that drew an estimated 5,000 people. "Standing room only."