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Ray Benson (center) and his band, the Grammy-winning country outfit Asleep a...
Don Gonyea talks to Ray Benson, leader of the Austin-based band Asleep at the Wheel, about a new tribute to the late Bob Wills that features contributions by the musicians Wills helped inspire.
NPR's Tom Goldman talks to Don Gonyea about the latest upsets and advancements in the men's NCAA college basketball tournament. The women's tournament gets underway Friday, too.
Microbiologist Jennifer Doudna at the University of California, Berkeley. Sh...
Researchers who helped develop powerful techniques warn that tweaking the genome is now easy. More public debate's needed, they say, before making changes in genes passed from parent to child.
So far this month, more than 330 California sea lions have been admitted to ...
An uptick in malnourished pups on the coast has rescue centers struggling to keep up. Changing weather patterns and warmer ocean waters could be to blame, but it's still too early to tell.
Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the successful crossing of the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama, a key moment in the civil rights movement. Journalist Ethel Payne was there.
Seymour: An Introduction is an inspiring new documentary by the actor Ethan Hawke. It's about Seymour Bernstein, who quit a successful concert career at the age of 50 to become a piano teacher.