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Relatives are gathering to demand information and government action after the discovery of mass graves in southern Mexico, possibly containing the bodies of 43 missing Mexican college activists.
In Dallas, Thomas Eric Duncan remains in critical condition. A cameraman working for NBC in West Africa was also admitted to Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.
Brincidofovir has only been tested against Ebola in the lab and has not yet been tested in animals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its experimental use on an emergency basis.
Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner and former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will all testify in a case that stems from the government's bailout of insurance giant, AIG.
Much of the evidence used against Ed Graf, in prison since 1986 for setting a fire that killed his stepsons, is now considered junk science. His is one of many old arson cases Texas is re-examining.
Rebecca Rivas, a reporter for the St. Louis American newspaper, captured vid...
To protest the shooting death of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Mike Brown, audience members at a St. Louis Symphony concert unfurled banners and stood to sing an old union song.