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State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has just been promoted to White House Communications Director, a job with a lower public profile. It's going to be a loss for the Kremlin's idea of TV comedy.
Audie Cornish reviews the week in politics with regular commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss immigration, the summit on countering violent extremism and 2016 contenders.
A suit worn by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he met President Obama recently is up for auction. The suit, which has the Prime Minister's name in pinstripes is expected to fetch upwards of $200,000.
Audie Cornish and Kelly McEvers read emails from listeners about jumping into snowbanks and John Coltrane's A Love Supreme.
Audie Cornish speaks with counterterrorism expert Peter Neumann, who attended the White House extremism summit, on the paths to radicalization in Europe.
The Argentinean film co-produced by Pedro Almodovar is up for an Oscar for best foreign language film. It features a drunk teenager who runs over a woman and an angry bride at a glitzy Jewish wedding.