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This is the first time NASA will fly a spacecraft designed for humans since the space shuttle retired in 2011. The pod is similar to what the Apollo astronauts used in the 1960s and '70s.
Some 2,000 kids in Liberia have been orphaned by Ebola. We visit 18 kids who have spend 42 days being monitored for Ebola, and are being sent to their new home or are being reunited with family.
When a grand jury in New York did not indict a police officer for the death of Eric Garner, protesters chanted a slogan. They chanted the same slogan after a killing in Ferguson, Missouri.
Jason Rezaian, The Post journalist who has been held without trial in Iran since July, will be held for at least another 2 months. Steve Inskeep talks to Ali Rezaian, the journalist's brother.
The song recently surpassed 2.1 billion views, and nearly broke YouTube in the process. The video streaming website had to upgrade its coding.
The Minnesota Republican is not running for a fifth House term. She wrote in BuzzFeed that she'll miss, among other things, smoke-filled rooms and Seersucker Thursdays.